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Wine Nights*

Would you like to host the next wine night?

There are two spots available each month:




Email us with your preferred month.

We will take requests in the order in which they are received.

The specific date is at your choosing.

We will post the event on the website and direct RSVPs to your email.


Do I have to pay for the event?

The club will reimburse up to $100 for the cost of food and supplies, but not alcohol. You must keep all receipts, and we will provide instructions on how to request a reimbursement. Anything beyond $100 is at your discretion.

I'd like to host, but my apartment isn't very big.

Not a problem! You can set a maximum number of attendees if you wish.


Is it supposed to be fancy?


No! However you host the event, people will just appreciate that you have opened your home to them and provided a chance to get together.


*Does it need to have wine at all? Or be at night? That doesn't work for me.


No again! If you would like to host something else - a beer night, a tea party, a brunch - that is entirely up to you. Alcohol is optional. The easiest arrangement is that the host provides food, and guests bring a beverage of some sort.

Want to turn this into an informal language exchange meeting? Tell your guests they'll have to try to speak in a particular language for that event!

If you wish to host an event with something stronger than wine, please email us to discuss.

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