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In order to join the club, students must officially register as members. The fees for Fall 2020 membership are waived due to COVID-19. Under normal circumstances, the fees would be $50 for one year of membership, and $75 for two years. The fee covers participation for both the student and Better Half. Club sign-ups are only available for a specific window at the beginning of each term. 

  1. To join, have your student register for Better Halves Club on CampusGroups (free Fall 2020 due to COVID-19)  

  2. Fill out our questionnaire so that we can get to know you better! 


I'm trying to join the club in CampusGroups, but it keeps giving me an error message and saying that I don't have access. What's going on?

Are you an admitted student who will start the MBA in an upcoming term? You won't have access or be eligible for club memberships until you've officially started the MBA and the club sign-up window has opened - the school can't exactly collect dues from people who haven't officially enrolled! Prospective members should sign up for our mailing list and keep in touch.

I'm a CBS Student. My Better Half wants to join. Why can't he or she pay you directly? I don't see any benefit from the club.

As an official CBS club, we can only collect dues through official channels. That means students must make the payment through OrgSync. Our dues, which cover membership for two people, are comparable with most club rates for one person. Besides, you're invited to our awesome events too!


This club is also a great way to meet other students from all industries with whom you might not normally interact - the only common factor for our members is their relationship status. All networking is good networking!

I'm a prospective Better Half. I already live in NYC and have my own network. Why should I join?

This club has something to offer for everyone. If you are new to NYC and want a community that will help you adjust to the city and make friends, come to our social events. If you are new to the United States and need to understand your visa options, we can connect you with the right office at CBS.


But, if you are already familiar with the city and have your own life here, we still have plenty for you - the option to audit classes, obtain a university ID (hello, museum and gym discounts), attend industry events and conferences at student rates, and take part in our professional development workshops on topics such as salary negotiation.

I got a welcome letter. That means I'm automatically a Better Half, right?

You are... in relation to your student! However, as far as taking part in our events after Orientation, you need to officially join and pay dues. Our great programming is only possible with sufficient funds.

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