Auditing Classes

To Audit a Class:

  1.  Click here to examine the course list. Professors' emails are included in the course description. Better Halves are permitted to take any elective (not core) class that has space remaining. To view the number of spaces left, your student has to log in to OrgSync.

  2. Email the professor and cc your student. State that you are the spouse/partner and would like to audit that class. Describe your qualifications for the course.

  3. Better Halves are pre-approved to audit, but the final decision remains with the individual professor.

  4. Once you are approved to audit, the professor or TA will have to add you to the course's Canvas page as an "Observer." You will then receive an email with login instructions and links to set up your account.

                                    For a quick access to the course list, you must become a BHC member.


NB: We are technically supposed to wait until the end of the add-drop period before requesting permission to audit, but often professors appreciate knowing of your interest earlier in the semester. If they have not had a Better Half in a class before, it is useful to have time to go through the process and set up the ID that gives you access to the course readings. It doesn't hurt to mention that you are happy to wait until the add-drop period is over before they make a decision on whether or not you can attend class. 

Better Halves are authorized to audit courses at CBS, but not the rest of the university. For information on the procedure to audit courses in the Arts & Sciences, see here