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Board Applications

If you would like to take on a leadership role in the club, please see below for descriptions of the various departments and their tasks. It is important to note that everything is a collaborative effort - the board person is the lead for that area, but many aspects of club management require working across departments. 


All board members are expected to assist with events such as Orientation, Connect I and II, and Club Day / Kickoff. Additionally, all are expected to attend board meetings; typically 4/year, in August, November, January, and April.

Finance: Maintains annual budget and ensures that funds are available for events. Responsible for approving any expenses submitted for reimbursement and enforcing compliance with school policies. Submits applications for Community Grant each year.

Careers: Responsible for planning professional networking events, such as speed networking receptions, CV workshops, and career-building guest speaker seminars. Maintains the LinkedIn Group. Negotiates member access to industry conferences.

Communications: Promotes the club and specific events across multiple platforms. Designs and sends out monthly newsletters, and flyers to be posted on Facebook and Instagram. Maintains mailing lists and cross-references with official membership. Manages website.

Community: Assists in recruiting efforts. Gathers e-mails for mailing lists. Promotes club at Orientation, Connect, and Club Day events. Places orders for club merchandise. Plans Better Halves Matters events.

Events: Plans a variety of social events for members. Creates a calendar that accommodates different needs, i.e. evening/weekend events for working BHs, and events that are family-friendly. Assists in planning official events on campus that require room reservations. Ensures that events are in keeping with school policies.

Families: Together with VP of Events, responsible for family-friendly programming. Liaison for students with children/expecting children. Provides information on family-friendly events, institutions, resources. Works with OSA to plan Parent Luncheon.

Social Media: Responsible for online presence on Facebook and Instagram. Assists Communications in promoting specific events. Helps to raise the profile of the club.

To be considered for a role, please send a brief statement (2-3 paragraphs) describing your interest and qualifications to 

The President of the club is chosen by election each spring, but other positions are granted by application.

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