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The Better Halves Club is an official club for the partners, spouses, and children of Columbia Business School students. The organization's aim is to connect its members with the resources of CBS and New York City, and facilitate community building by hosting a variety of events.

Why CBS?

If accepted to the program at Columbia Business School, students will have two challenging, educating, exciting years ahead of them, and graduate with a very valuable degree. For some families and significant others, this could also be a big transition. It could mean that partners put their own careers on hold for a while, relocate from overseas, learn a new language, or transfer their children to a new school. For others, this could have minimal impact - but wouldn't it be great to have a network and access to some of the many resources that students do?

The Better Halves Club serves the diverse needs of this community in a variety of ways:

Assistance with

Job Hunting

If you are relocatting to NYC,

our wide network of past and present members can help you.


with other Clubs

We create opportunities to enable our members to meet with other students outside of


We also try to give access to Industry Conferences, typically open only to CBS students.


We offer a variety of events throughout the year so that our members can engage in the community, on their own or with their student.